Monday, 10 December 2018


This week we are working on:

Task Tracker To-Do List:

  • Science: separating mechanical mixtures (check your understanding + mini lab)
  • Geography: movement review questions
  • Drama: outsiders scence
  • Art: 4 pieces (autumn perspective, geometric, urban sunset, outsiders shirt)

Math:  2D Measurement task 2 & knowledgehook mission (due Friday)

Reading:  The Outsiders plot diagram & dramatize noteworthy conversation scene

Geography:  Movement review pgs.48-70 questions (due Friday)

Monday, 3 December 2018

Dec 3-6

Math:  we wrap up area & perimeter of parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, & complex shapes and begin practice before key assessment

Reading: plot diagram for The Outsiders: exposition, inciting conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, themes (select any 3 from prompts to elaborate on).  Due Monday.

Geography:  theme of movement presentations underway

Science:  submit "Solutions Unit Review".  Begin "Separating Mechanical Mixtures" check your understanding & lab 7

Art piece:  your interpretation of urban sunset color blending & silhouette buildings

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


This week we are working on....

Reading/Writing:  expressing our personal opinion on The Outsiders' theme of "nothing gold can stay".  You will submit in my opinion task on Monday.

Math/Measurement:  calculating areas of parallelogram, triangle, & trapezoid using algebraic formula, substitution of variables, and calculation.

Geography:  theme of "movement" prezi continued (3-4 slides: definition, map of affected areas, news video if available).

Art:  geometric art piece to be completed & posted

Science: concentration & solubility lab 6 to be submitted + review of solutes, solvents, solubility, concentrated solutions, unsaturated solutions, and saturated solutions.

Monday, 19 November 2018



Math: patterning/algebra take-home task #2, knowledgehook key assessment 1 now with "upload your thinking" show your work feature for each question; key assessment 2 written

Reading:  The Outsiders Reflection 2, 3 + vocabulary; begin generating ideas of "gold" for team task

Science:  concentration & solubility check your understanding & drink crystal lab

Geography:  theme of movement team prezi task

Art: geometric piece

Your personal task tracker: ensure it's up-to-date, no blanks, no incompletes

Monday, 12 November 2018


This week:

  • Parent-Teacher interviews Nov.14 & 15; P.A. Day Friday;
  • The Niagara Escarpment, Seedfolks movie trailer, and Science Review Unit 1 now all due;
  • We begin S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders Reflection 1 (due Monday), Reflection 2, and Vocab.
  • We begin Patterning/Algebra pgs.35-43.  Begin take-home 1 test yourself.
  • We complete a follow-up to Lab #5 Solvents vs Solutes with handout 2.2 Dissolving the Particle Theory (due Thursday)
  • We complete Geography Review Unit 1 (due Thursday).
  • Many Autumn art pieces remain incomplete 
Math corrections below:

Monday, 5 November 2018

Nov 05-09

This week we are working on...
  • Math: data management Key Assessment (pencil/paper task due Wed)
  • Math: knowledgehook pogo3767 "Di Croce Mission 4: Data Management Key Assessment 2" due Friday.
  • Geography:  The Niagara Escarpment brochure (showcasing key ideas from handout provided; see Publisher examples on board) due Monday.
  • Drama/Media: Seedfolks movie trailer/short slide show due Friday (see YouTube examples) due Monday.
  • GoogleDocs Task Tracker: any incompletes and/or any "revise/edit/resubmits"
  • Science: chapter 1 review text pg.32 questions with 1 partner only: questions 1b, 3a, 3b, 4, 6, 10, 13, 15, 18, 19, 21 

Monday, 22 October 2018


This week we are working on...
  • Reading/Writing: handwritten draft copy of letter to author Paul Fleishman (due by Friday)
  • Drama/Media Literacy: handwritten plan for either Seedfolks movie trailer or chapter scene (due by Friday)
  • Math: data management (collecting, bias, database, spreadsheet, frequency, mean/median/mode) + knowledgehook mission 3 key assessment 2
  • Science: solutes vs solvents check your understanding & lab 5 comparing solvents
  • Health: sugar rate calculations for a processed food & beverage following our examples

Monday, 15 October 2018


This week we are working away at the following tasks...
  • Art:  collaborative acrylic on canvas autumn scene in perspective
  • Science:  lab 4 mechanical mixtures vs solutions (submit Friday hardcopy or GoogleDocs)
  • Geography:  3 Toronto districts/neighbourhoods (submit Friday following Kingsway exemplar)
  • Math:  take-home task 2 ratios, rates, percents (submit Thursday); key assessment on Thursday & Friday
  • Task Tracker: parent letter (return by Monday)
  • Reading: Seedfolks refections on Maricela, Amir, and Florence; we begin writing a personal letter to author to express opinions as readers (see exemplar) 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Oct. 07-10

Oct 7 thru 10

This week we are working on...

-completing and submitting any past due tasks, namely, Geography Special Place, Science Lab 3, Reading Seedfolks Lesson Chart, and Writing Colour Poem

-Geography Human Regions: Trendy and Cultural Districts of Toronto
3 links to get you going:

-Math team task: Road Trip Rates (hall display); begin math test yourself take-home task have it completed for Friday

-Seedfolks Chp9 "Curtis" & Chp10 "Nora" follow-up reflection questions

-begin Knowledgehook pogo3767 "Di Croce Mission 2: ratios, rates, percents" (due Oct.13)

-Science begin Mechanical Mixtures & Solutions check your understanding

Solving Percent Problem Corrections pgs18-19 (check your work over)

Revise/Edit Curtis:
Before his break-up, Curtis was self-absorbed with his body image, conceited,
the center-of-attention, cocky, arrogant, he took things and people for granted,
living in the moment.

After his break-up Curtis becomes selfless, goal-oriented, and resourceful,
shifting all his effort and attention to winning back the heart of ex-girlfriend,
who is looking to the future with hopes of establishing a family.  

Themes: sometimes we don’t realize all the good we have in our lives until we
permanently loose it, then you look at things differently, and appreciate, respect,
and care more; we need to be resourceful and show out-of-the-box thinking
(besides working hard) to reach a desired goal; life is about being selfless
not always selfish.

Curtis strikes a deal with Royce; in exchange for protecting his tomato plants
during the night, Curtis provides him with a sleeping bag, private corner in
garden, and food; this shows his resourcefulness.

Nora is Mr Myles personal nurse, as he suffered a stroke and is in a wheelchair.
She is helpful, caring, and selfless by helping him to get actively involved in the
Gibb Street Garden.
Nora helps him to remember and reconnect with his mother's garden from
many years past.

Nora is educated and cultured because she compares the garden to:
-a "miniature city"
-a "soap opera"
-a "cure for the mad" (emotional & mental therapy)
-Pioneers/Pilgrims colonizing land

Theme: Nora encourages Mr Myles & us to live life to the fullest; we can't vegetate
or remain stagnant; we must have a life purpose, goals, and grow to our
full potential. She says "his eyes gained back some of their life" when he smelled
and touched the garden.