Monday, 15 October 2018


This week we are working away at the following tasks...
  • Art:  collaborative acrylic on canvas autumn scene in perspective
  • Science:  lab 4 mechanical mixtures vs solutions (submit Friday hardcopy or GoogleDocs)
  • Geography:  3 Toronto districts/neighbourhoods (submit Friday following Kingsway exemplar)
  • Math:  take-home task 2 ratios, rates, percents (submit Thursday); key assessment on Friday
  • Task Tracker: parent letter (return by Monday)

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Oct. 07-10

Oct 7 thru 10

This week we are working on...

-completing and submitting any past due tasks, namely, Geography Special Place, Science Lab 3, Reading Seedfolks Lesson Chart, and Writing Colour Poem

-Geography Human Regions: Trendy and Cultural Districts of Toronto
3 links to get you going:

-Math team task: Road Trip Rates (hall display); begin math test yourself take-home task have it completed for Friday

-Seedfolks Chp9 "Curtis" & Chp10 "Nora" follow-up reflection questions

-begin Knowledgehook pogo3767 "Di Croce Mission 2: ratios, rates, percents" (due Oct.13)

-Science begin Mechanical Mixtures & Solutions check your understanding

Solving Percent Problem Corrections pgs18-19 (check your work over)

Revise/Edit Curtis:
Before his break-up, Curtis was self-absorbed with his body image, conceited,
the center-of-attention, cocky, arrogant, he took things and people for granted,
living in the moment.

After his break-up Curtis becomes selfless, goal-oriented, and resourceful,
shifting all his effort and attention to winning back the heart of ex-girlfriend,
who is looking to the future with hopes of establishing a family.  

Themes: sometimes we don’t realize all the good we have in our lives until we
permanently loose it, then you look at things differently, and appreciate, respect,
and care more; we need to be resourceful and show out-of-the-box thinking
(besides working hard) to reach a desired goal; life is about being selfless
not always selfish.

Curtis strikes a deal with Royce; in exchange for protecting his tomato plants
during the night, Curtis provides him with a sleeping bag, private corner in
garden, and food; this shows his resourcefulness.

Nora is Mr Myles personal nurse, as he suffered a stroke and is in a wheelchair.
She is helpful, caring, and selfless by helping him to get actively involved in the
Gibb Street Garden.
Nora helps him to remember and reconnect with his mother's garden from
many years past.

Nora is educated and cultured because she compares the garden to:
-a "miniature city"
-a "soap opera"
-a "cure for the mad" (emotional & mental therapy)
-Pioneers/Pilgrims colonizing land

Theme: Nora encourages Mr Myles & us to live life to the fullest; we can't vegetate
or remain stagnant; we must have a life purpose, goals, and grow to our
full potential. She says "his eyes gained back some of their life" when he smelled
and touched the garden.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Oct 1-5

This week we are working on completing the following tasks:

  • Math unit 2: ratios, rates, percents (18-19) begin problem solving team task rates
  • Geography: our special place due Tuesday; begin GTA Regions
  • Science: pure substances & mixtures (check your understanding and lab #3) Lab #3 due Wednesday
  • Reading: seedfolks key lesson table Kim to Virgil (if you don't have enough room, you are always welcome to create table on GoogleDocs) due Tuesday; begin Curtis
  • Writing: your version of shades of red due Tuesday

Science: Pure Substances & Mixtures Check Your Understanding


Aluminum foil, table salt, and distilled water are all examples of pure substances.

Batteries (like paint, ink cartridges, spray cans, pesticides, propane tanks) are a “hazardous waste” toxic material that can leak mercury and lead into the earth/water and need to be recycled in a separate area than regular garbage bins.

Pure substances contain only 1 particle type whereas mixtures have 2 or more different particles.

Cookies are a mixture of different ingredients (eggs, flour, sugar…)

Sugar is a pure substance made up of only 1 particle type.

Aluminum is a pure substance made up of only 1 particle type.

Steel is a mixture of iron, carbon, nickel…

apple juice can be both pure and a mixture of sugar, citric acid, preservatives
to stabilize it for the grocery shelf...

Tap water is a mixture of other contaminants, minerals, chemicals, bacteria,

Lead is pure made up of only 1 particle type; it’s an element on the periodic table

Air is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, other contaminants

Mercury is a pure substance made of 1 particle; it’s an element

Sweetened water is a mixture of water and sugar


If it’s not freshly squeezed, then OJ is an engineered, processed mixture with
added fragrance and flavour from chemists to immitate the natural aroma and
taste of oranges, after they have lost all this during storage.

Begin Ratios & Percents pgs.16-17

Begin Seedfolks chp8 Sae Young follow-up questions.

Begin science lab 3 pure substances vs mixtures.

Wednesday's math corrections:

Begin Solving Percent Problems pg.18-19

Seedfolks corrections to chp.8 (revise/edit)
Sae Young is a Korean immigrant and dry clean owner.

Listening to her, we can see that she is a gentle soul and kind lady.  

She wants to be maternal (to love and care for a child) but was unsuccessful with pregnancy.

She has experienced 2 negative events: the sudden death of her young husband (leaving her lonely)
and a robbery/assault at her business (leaving her emotionally scarred)

As a result, she was traumatized and lived in seclusion, anxious and fearful; it took her a long time
to leave her apartment and face the world again.

The garden helped her build her self-confidence and trust others again; by offering water funnels
to the gardeners and seeing others use them, Sae Young began to feel happy and connected
once again to her community.

Theme/lesson: we need to live in relationship with others to feel a sense of belonging and to feel
valued; these relationships need to be positive and encouraging to feed our soul.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Sept 24-28

Seedfolks Chapter 7: Virgil (revise/edit)

Virgil and his dad are originally from Haiti.  

Virgil’s dad was a bus driver in Haiti, but in Cleveland, he drives a taxi;
he gets information from his “library” of passengers to ultimately find ways
to get rich quick - he is money hungry, this is his number 1 goal.

Virgil is there to support his dad and his “get-rich-quick-schemes”.
While the Dad wants to be successful in America (which is normal,
like every other immigrant starting a new life), he is misusing the community
garden for self-profit, for a money-making opportunity; this is NOT the
reason why the garden was started.  The garden was started to build a
caring (cross-cultural) community.

This chapter teaches us that when you have a idea or goal in mind, you
MUST do your homework first and make a plan; if you don’t, chances are
you will not be successful, just like Virgil’s dad who planted lettuce
in the off-season.  Karma got him!

This chapter also teaches us that to reach a goal you must be nurturing,
passionate, and hardworking on a daily basis.

Examples of similes:
“The we walked back and forth picking up broken glass, like chickens pecking seeds.”
“A rat ran right up one of their legs.  The dude screamed, just like women do with a mouse in cartoons only louder.”
“The minute it came up, it started to wilt.  It was like a baby always crying for its milk”.

Virgil is supportive/helpful to his dad, hopeful/optimistic that dad’s plan would work; after the garden, Virgil becomes disappointed in and ashamed of his dad for his scheme to get rich and get him an 18 speed bike.

Math take-home task #3 due Thursday.
Knowledgehook Mission 1 due Friday (55% remain incomplete)

begin a draft copy (handwritten) of your own version of "shades of red"

lab 2 changes of state (solid to liquid to gas to liquid) due Monday

6 Humberlea landmarks due Thursday; begin your special place following Florida example provided.

begin Seedfolks lesson chart from Kim to Virgil

Monday, 17 September 2018

Sept 17-21

Please scroll down.  Content is updated as the days pass.  Thank you.

Reading: Chp3 Wendell & Chp4 Gonzalo corrections below.  Begin Chp5 Leona

Science: Lab 1 Particle Theory of Matter due by Friday

Math:  begin Order of Operations

Geography:  Humberlea Google Map, City of Toronto key areas and travel routes

Wed is Curriculum Night

Novel Study: Seedfolks (revise & edit your reading responses)

Chp3 "Wendell"

Originally a farmer from Kentucky, Wendell is a school caretaker, living on the ground
floor of the building overlooking the vacant lot.

Ana depends on Wendell to help her out since she’s a senior that’s
not too mobile; unfortunately, they also connect over ethnicity.

Having been a farmer, Wendell knows the right time for planting
certain vegetables.  Indirectly, Kim has helped Wendell reconnect with his farming skills.

Wendell now realizes that it’s useless to dwell on things that have gone
wrong in his life and that can’t be changed.  He decides to focus on more positive things
like helping others.

Wendell visits the lot to “change it big” by offering his help and expertise,
putting his efforts and energy in the garden.

At first, Wendell seems irritable, anxious, pessimistic
(worried about phone ringing with more bad news)
but then becomes positive, helpful, caring, optimistic, religious.

Chp4 "Gonzalo"

Gonzalo speaks English, whereas his Dad does not.
They are both from Guatemala, same culture.
Gonzalo is a young student; Dad is an expert farmer.
Gonzalo is involved in the community/has adapted; Dad is like a fish
out of water/culture shock.

As an immigrant, you must adapt to a new way of life, environment
and start from square one; you have to learn new customs, language, culture.

Tio Juan is not able to (function) communicate in English
with others and find work; he felt confused; instead he’s an expert gardener/farmer,
just like Wendell.  

Theme:  In life we all have to have a purpose, a calling, a vocation, a passion,
a reason to wake up in the morning that keeps us going forward;
in order to grow, you must also be open to change.

Before the garden, Gonzalo’s Uncle felt lost, without a purpose, toddler-like,
disconnected; after the garden, he now rediscovered his passion,
rekindled his purpose in life, and will most likely teach and inspire others to garden.

Gonzalo is proud of his Uncle and of the fact that he can now
use his talents to help others, instead of wandering about at home aimlessly.

Chp.5 "Leona"

It’s ironic that Leona’s grandmother outsmarted and outlived her doctors
that are supposed to know better; it’s ironic that her natural herbal remedy
was more effective than their traditional medications.

It’s ironic that to get the garbage problem cleaned up, Leona had to show up
with actual garbage in hand for the city to understand the problem.

Leona wants the lot to be respected by everyone; she doesn’t want it to
continue being a dumping ground; she wants people to take pride
and ownership of the lot.

It’s ironic that the lot is referred to as being “vacant” because it’s not
really empty at all, it’s full of trash.

Conflict:  lot contamination and city workers not ignorning Leona
Climax (high point in conflict): Leona showing up with garbage in hand
Resolution: getting a meeting with someone from Public Health Dept.

Theme:  in order to reach a goal, you have to find the right path, work hard,
and never give up.

Before the garden, Leona is ashamed and disappointed
in her fellow residents that are disrespecting communal property.

After the garden, Leona is hopeful and optimistic that her hard work
will pay off in freeing the lot from the garbage problem.

Leona is confident, relentless, determined, respectful,
resourceful, problem-solver.

Geography "City of Toronto" task corrections:

Math "order of operations" corrections:

Order of operations corrections continued:

Work on handout #2 Order of Operations pg.11

Begin Science 1.2 More About Matter, Changes of State

Geography Place Location text pg.4-15

Seedfolks Chp 6 Sam

Geography textbook corrections (revise & edit your responses):

 Chp.6 Seedfolks: Sam corrections (revise & edit your responses)

Begin reading Chp.7 Virgil 

Order of Operations handout 2 pg.11 corrections:

**Review multiples, factors, powers/square roots, order of operations**

Geography: 6 Landmarks on separate maps due next Wed

Thank you kindly to all the parents that came out to see our classroom and meet me this past Wednesday evening.  I look forward to a productive and positive year.  I would like to reiterate our curriculum and class conduct below:

Our students can access their personal device or school-issued device for Knowledgehook, a fantastic math app (created here in Ontario & strictly following provincial ministry curriculum) to better engage students' interest in math.  Your child is currently working on Mission 1 involving multiples/factors, powers/square roots, and order of operations: